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GPS tracker for business of IoT industry

2020-04-01 10:52:01
Take control of your fleet, whether you have ten vehicles or ten thousand.
MONITORING: Easily see where your vehicles are in the field.
INTELLIGENT TRACKING: Create boundaries and receive notifications when a tracker enters or exits a certain area.
REPORTING: From driver behavior to fuel data, we can give you exactly the insight you need.

Asset Management
Monitor valuables big and small.

Workforce Needs
EMPOWERMENT: The data you need to improve your workforce’s performance.
SAFETY: Stay in the know. 24/7/365 real-time tracking allows you to keep track of your people and assets.
EXPORTABLE, SHAREABLE DATA: The information you need, in the format that’s most useful to you.

Integrate Spytec GPS into your existing platforms.
With data and dedicated support, you can create high-quality apps and integrations.

Solutions for drivers, admins, dispatchers, & managers.
News feed: locations, activities, and events that matter to you.
Advanced gps technology in the palm of your hand.
Smart notifications
Trackers that learn when and where they need to be.

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