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Highlights of the Two-Wheeled Electric Bike Rental Scheme

OMNI Original 2024-04-17 15:21:51

  Highlight One:Cat.1 Technology for Shared Mobility


  As 2G/3G networks phase out,Cat.1 technology emerges as the go-to communication tech for shared mobility due to its advantages like high bandwidth,medium speed,low latency,wide coverage,low cost,low power consumption,and precise positioning.Europ MobiTech's Cat.1 solution supports the upgrade to Shared Mobility 3.0 by leveraging 4G IoT devices and software platform.It effectively addresses urban challenges like disorderly parking,benefiting governments,users,and enterprises.This IoT tech enables quick vehicle location,reduces misjudgments in parking,provides precise guidance,and minimizes operational burdens,thus improving efficiency.


iot devices


  Highlight Two:Efficient Electric Bike Rental Solutions


  OMNI IoT solution introduces an electric bike rental and battery swap solution for the takeaway delivery business.It offers deposit-free rental,online borrowing/returning,reminders,renewals,fault reporting,automatic return,and appointment-based battery swapping.With smartphone-enabled features like keyless ignition,induction-based locking,one-click vehicle locating,and battery level detection,it ensures safer and energy-efficient travel.For businesses,precise management of electric bikes reduces costs and rental risks,improving management levels and inventory turnover.


display device


  Highlight Three:Smart Display Device Integration


  OMNI's display device connects dashboards with smartphones,this is also the very good part of ebike system.The display device is built-in IoT technology if needed,it can be for wireless mobile phone charging,connecting the electric bikes and send needed information of ebikes to electric bike APP and cloud platform,allowing users and operators easy access to vehicle status like battery level,speed,mileage,voltage,and real-time location through the electric bike app.


electric bike lock system


  Highlight Four:Global 4G IoT GPS Tracker


  Europ MobiTech's 4G IoT GPS tracker,compatible with global networks,supports GPS,Beidou,and base station triple positioning.Compact and lightweight,it's easy to install.With features like timed tracking,Bluetooth,alarms,and remote control,it finds applications in vehicle positioning,anti-theft,finance risk control,fleet management,and urban traffic management.