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Door handle lock with password

2018-03-31 17:11:38
Omni's newly designed code handle lock cleverly combines the code lock and the door handle into one.It is a new type of door handle with a code lock function that can be opened without a key.There is a digital code lock on this door handle,you must enter the correct code to twist the door handle.The operation is simple and safe,and at the same time,it is beautiful in design and accords with the open habits of most people.

Omni code handle lock uses high-quality stainless steel handles,using the handle integrated password unlocking method,the appearance of the design is more beautiful,simple and generous.64 sets of passwords can be designed for password security.The password length is 6 digits,which is stable and safer.The styles are divided into left and right hands,from the installation style and unlocking habits can meet the needs of different customers.