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Campus shared scooter

2021-06-21 17:02:15

In recent years, shared scooters have become more popular all over the world, but why some companies and investors are still waiting and not taking the lead?

Mainly because everyone has doubts about the safety and application scenarios of shared scooters, and they are more worried about its safety in use and anti-theft safety. Is there really no market for shared scooters?

As a professional shared scooter development company, Omni Intelligent believes that shared scooters have more potential in the youth market through their own practice, because they are more likely to accept the convenience brought by technology.

1. Standardize the area. Place smart scooters on campuses, closed scenic spots or semi-enclosed scenes. Through virtual wall technology, the background of the system is detected by GPS positioning. As long as the user leaves the closed area, the scooter will send out an alarm, because it is Electronic lock, if the scooter sounds an alarm, it will lock the motor and can't continue riding. Ride in safer scenes, and will not be subject to traffic control;

2. Control the speed of the scooter and reduce the speed of the electric scooter to within 20KM/hour, which greatly reduces the potential safety hazards;

3. Due to the limited area, the business company can delimit the parking area in a large area, which is more convenient to use the user's frequency of use;

4. Young people like to pursue freshness. Compared with bicycles, scooters are more labor-saving and safer than electric bikes. They are very suitable for short-distance use on campus. The campus has wide roads, coupled with the compact body of the scooter, which reduces the incidence of accidents and is very convenient for students. Moreover, the body of the scooter is more cool, which makes it easier for college students who pursue fashion to meet their needs.