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Scooter Solution for Fleet Manufacturers and Scooter Rental CompaniesScooter Solution for Fleet Manufacturers and Scooter Rental CompaniesScooter Solution for Fleet Manufacturers and Scooter Rental CompaniesScooter Solution for Fleet Manufacturers and Scooter Rental Companies

Scooter Solution for Fleet Manufacturers and Scooter Rental Companies

  • Multi-mode and high precision GPS location
  • BLE 5.2
  • 4G LTE-Cat1
  • IPX7 Waterproof (Glue filling process)
  • Clear Voice Notification
  • Wide Workin Voltage
  • UART/CAN Communication
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Supports different sizes of vehicle tubes

Great Combination with Built-in IoT Electric Scooter Lock and Escooter APP


Scooter solution is to seamlessly secure your electric scooters with our IoT lock and intuitive app for convenient control.

For fleet manufactuers and escooter rental companies,we take care of all process of integration bettween vehicles and IoT locks and escooter APP.

With your own APP and backend, we will just connect the IoT locks with your software.

If you need our electric scooter APP,backend and IoT locks,we can send the whole scooter solution to you with one-stop process.


IoT lock


What are functions of IoT locks and software?


  • Secure Locking: IoT locks provide secure locking mechanisms for electric scooters, ensuring they are safely parked and inaccessible to unauthorized users.


  • Remote Access: The software enables remote access to lock and unlock scooters, allowing rental companies to manage their fleet efficiently without physical keys.


  • Tracking and Monitoring: Both the locks and software facilitate real-time tracking and monitoring of scooter locations, aiding rental companies in fleet management and theft prevention.


  • Usage Analytics: The software collects usage data, including ride duration, distance traveled, and popular routes, providing valuable insights for rental companies and fleet manufacturers to optimize operations and improve user experiences.


  • Maintenance Alerts: Integrated with IoT locks, the software can generate maintenance alerts based on usage patterns or mechanical issues, allowing companies to proactively address maintenance needs and ensure the longevity of their scooters.


After 8-year experience,the IoT locks are fully grown and advanced,so they are made for the market and user-friendly.


electric scooter app


scooter solution


FAQ for IoT locks and software


  1. How do IoT locks enhance scooter fleet management?

    • IoT locks offer remote locking/unlocking capabilities, real-time tracking, and analytics to streamline fleet operations and enhance security.


  1. What features does the software offer for rental companies?

    • The software provides remote access control, usage analytics, maintenance alerts, and customer management tools to optimize rental operations.


  1. How does real-time tracking benefit fleet manufacturers?

    • Real-time tracking enables manufacturers to monitor scooter usage, gather data for product improvement, and provide better customer support.


  1. What security measures are in place to prevent unauthorized access to scooters?

    • IoT locks employ encrypted communication protocols and authentication methods to prevent unauthorized access and ensure scooter security.


  1. Can the software integrate with existing fleet management systems?

    • Yes, the software can often integrate with existing systems through APIs or custom integrations to streamline operations and data management.


  1. What type of support is available for setup and ongoing maintenance?

    • Rental companies and manufacturers typically receive setup assistance, training, and ongoing technical support to ensure smooth implementation and operation of the IoT locks and software.


  1. How scalable is the system for expanding scooter fleets or rental operations?

    • The system is designed to be scalable, allowing rental companies and manufacturers to easily add more scooters or expand operations without significant infrastructure changes.


  1. What data privacy measures are in place to protect user information?

    • The software adheres to data privacy regulations and employs encryption and secure data storage practices to protect user information from unauthorized access or misuse.
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