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CW68-E250N receiver built-in chain windowCW68-E250N receiver built-in chain windowCW68-E250N receiver built-in chain windowCW68-E250N receiver built-in chain window

CW68-E250N receiver built-in chain window

  • Brand: Omni
  • Model: CW68-E250N / 400mm
  • Material: PC + ABS + POM
  • Color: Silver
  • Size: 460 * 42 * 56mm
  • Rated voltage: 24.0V
  • Operating voltage: AC100-240V
  • Certificate: ROHS, CE, FCC
CW68-E250N Receiver Built-in Chain Window Opener

Electric Chain Window Opener use electronic device to drive various window to open and close automatically according to temperature and weather situation. Electric window motor has been time proven over the years in electric roof window opener and can be widely used in electric sash window, electric casement window, electric hung window, especially for special places where the window is too high for person to operate. This kind of roof window opener motor can match with all kinds of automated remote control system to achieve manual open and close operation, remote control operation and automatic window operation according to temperature.

1. Wide voltage 100-240V AC power input, suitable for all country’s different requests.
2. Adjust the journey by adjusting knob; the Maximum stroke could reach 400mm.
3. Apply to small size window, down to 470mm windows.
4. Automatically stop on physical obstruction; protect the motor and the user.
5. Precise electronic limit switch, overload and over current protection.
6. Long service life, more than 10000 times open and close.
7. The chain materials use double layers stainless metal. Quality stable and smooth running.
8. Aluminum housing with sand blast treatment; the cover and brackets are zinc alloy die castings.
9. Two flame resistance ABS holders and the POM sliding guide make the motor more silent and safe
10. Easy to install and take down.

 Model No.  Rated Voltage  Push/Pull Force  Speed  Running  Trip  Window Width Rated Power  Temp Size  IP Class
 CW68-E250N/400mm  100-240VAC  250N/250N  10mm/s  100~400mm  0.47~1.5m  28W  -20℃~+75℃  460*42*55mm  IP43

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