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What is the scope of use of shared smart locks?

2022-02-22 11:16:48
What is a shared smart lock? With the development of shared projects, there are more and more shared products, and the derived technologies cooperate with the use of shared products to form a beautiful landscape. The earliest shared smart locks appeared in shared bicycles, and the bicycles needed to be locked, so the technicians in the sharing industry invented the smart locks that scan the code to unlock. With the passage of time, products such as shared escort beds and shared lattice cabinets have emerged, and technicians have invented smart locks that match their products, and shared smart locks have been born. It's not a specific product, but it is present in most products.

Shared smart lock advantages

Shared smart lock application scenarios

What advantages does it have?

1. Built-in installation, more beautiful, ultra-low power consumption, ultra-high sensitivity design to ensure reliable connection.

2. Innovative system working mode, professional team to create software background, perfect connection of software and hardware.

3. Low operating cost, ABS fire-retardant material, waterproof/moisture-proof/high temperature/corrosion-proof, etc.

4. Intelligent induction, anti-priming self-bounce lock body, high temperature resistant mechanical lock cylinder.

What is the scope of use of shared smart locks?

Shared wheelchair, shared stroller, shared escort bed, shared locker, shared basketball, etc. In addition to these shared devices that need to be scanned and locked, this smart lock can be used.

It can be said that the birth of shared smart locks is to make shared products better displayed to the public. It is a new technology derived from the sharing industry. Omi shared smart locks, a very good shared smart lock manufacturer.