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Accelerating Trend: Smartification Impact on 2-Wheeler EV Market

OMNI Original 2024-04-17 16:58:20

  The trend towards the smartification of 2 wheeler electric vehicles is accelerating,and the degree of intelligence will affect the market.

       Smart Electric Vehicles: Revolutionizing Daily Transportation with IoT Integration

  With the rapid advancement of IoT technology,products that are increasingly intelligent,simple,and convenient have become essential in people's daily lives.From payment methods like Alipay and WeChat entering people's lives,where they no longer need to carry cash when going out,using just a mobile phone to effortlessly handle all transactions has become a reality,greatly loved by the masses.Today,the emergence of smart electric vehicles has deeply penetrated people's lives.With real-time positioning capabilities,no need to carry keys supported by IoT devices when going out,and the ability to control the vehicle through an app such as ebike rental APP or electric scooter APP or other mobile APP for 2 wheeler charging station and others,as well as proximity-based sensing for unlocking and a series of other operations,smart electric vehicles have become indispensable.



       Rising Demand for Smart Electric Vehicles in Response to Transportation Challenges


  Daily transportation is crucial in people's lives,and with the sweep of the epidemic,traffic congestion,two-wheeled electric vehicles have become the preferred mode of transportation for personal,short-to medium-distance travel.Smart and multifunctional electric vehicles have become a necessary condition for purchase,as people no longer choose traditional cumbersome methods of use.Spending time finding keys to unlock the vehicle has become a waste,and the risk of theft increases when keys are forgotten or the vehicle cannot be located.Therefore,more and more vehicles rental and sharing companies choose to launch more 2 wheeler electric vehicles and get economic benefits,such as ebike sharing,electric moped rental,electric cargo bikes sharing and electric scooter ride share.



       Impact of Smart Technology on China's Two-Wheeled Electric Vehicle Market


  Currently,China has a stock of 300 million two-wheeled electric vehicles,and with the introduction of the new national standard,the development of intelligence has also prompted a new wave of two-wheeled electric vehicles.Major manufacturers are engaging in a new round of competition in product intelligence,continuously launching new functional products to seize the market initiative.Even"Lu Master"has conducted smart assessments of electric vehicles,scoring them based on the diversity of their smart features.Consumers to some extent will refer to these smart assessments when choosing to purchase vehicles,and the level of intelligence will affect the market.