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Say Goodbye to Keys with Omni Smart Locks

With the arrival of smart technology, more and more family choose smart locks for their newly decorated home so that they are never troubled by the keys. Faced up with so many smart locks brand, It’s very different to recognize a convenient and safe smart lock for their smart home.

Omni released its up-to-date smart fingerprint locks in November. The smart lock provides tmulti-unlock methods, such as unlock by password, fingerprint, card, emergency mechanical key. Omni smart door lock attracts many users by its security and high quality. 

Omni smart door lock changed the traditional method of unlock thoroughly, which make it possible to unlock by password, fingerprint, card, emergency mechanical key.

Unlock by fingerprint: Fingerprint module reading function by 360 degree, fingerprint recognition less than 1s, slight touch to open the door; able to save 99 fingerprints, no need to worry about there are too many people in your family.
Unlock by APP: Set program by APP;  Unlock the door by mobile APP directly.

Unlock by card: Card for elder, it’s very convenient and simple for elder.

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