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How to operate bluetooth smart lock to lock and to return the sharing bike

1.After the user locks the sharing bike, the smart lock notifies the phone via Bluetooth: "Return the bike successfully." (step 1)

2.The mobile phone immediately notifies the cloud that "return the bike successful", and the cloud sends the billing information to the mobile phone and the user. (Steps 2 and 3)

3.After the user return the sharing bike,Smart lock will send the location information reported to the server. (Step 4)

Through the way of the Bluetooth, realize the unlocking of the smart lock by the mobile phone, which can reduce the traffic (communication charge) and power consumption of the smart lock. However, the use of Bluetooth, stability and compatibility can not be fully guaranteed. Therefore, the traditional, more power-consuming way to unlock (manual password to unlock, GSM SMS or GPRS traffic to unlock) will often still be retained as an alternative.