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An Important Smart Cycling Accessory You Need to Know-Smart Bike Stem

Many cycling enthusiasts, who already own a bike of favorite, want to keep up the trend and keep pace with the new era without discard. Omni is a smart cycling solution provider,coming here to fully meet your bicycle upgrade.
Just make a change at this moment.
a smart bike stem, an intelligent built-in APP, a smart cable lock, a horseshoe bike lock

a new upgraded cycling equipment changes the way you ride,  make your travel safer and smarter.

Omni intelligent bike lever is mainly applied to mountain biking and road bikes. It is made of aluminum alloy, which can prevent intentional damage. at the same time, the bike stem integrates Bluetooth, alarm, waterproof function.


smart cycling solution intelligent bike lever

Omni intelligent bicycle stemskillfullyblendbluetooth,GPRS ,GPS with color LCD screen control system together.Cyclists interact with this networked system which can realizebike computer data display,trajectory records,music play,phone call/message inform,bike lock and so on.

smart bicycle accessories bike stem