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remote control parking lot barrier

  • remote control parking lot barrier

>>>why you need parking space blockers<<<


● manage your shared parking spot


It is understood that the number of parking spaces of hotels, large shopping malls, complex office buildings and other places where people come and go, is quite under strain. Generally, the holders of these buildings ,from the bottom of their heart,wish to make the existing parking spots serve for hotel guests,mall shoppers, office workers and business visitors to create more profits for them.


However, this is not necessarily the case. Many parking spaces will be taken up by some strange owners carelessly, which lead to the people who should have enjoyed the right to use the parking space can not enjoy the service.

 hotel shopping mall office building parking space protector

As the owners , how do you manage these shared parking spaces with satisfaction?


● we recommendation






2.to stop unwanted parking


3.residential driveway occupied


4.residential parking space occupancy


5.parking spot unreasonably occpied

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